Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Execution Watch: 2/21/2013

And the killing machine just keeps running...


CARL HENRY BLUE. Convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend in 1995 by burning her alive at her College Station apartment. His attorneys argued, unsuccessfully, that he was mentally impaired and therefore ineligible for the death penalty. Mr. Blue acknowledged drinking and smoking crack the night of the slaying. Mr. Blue's death sentence was affirmed in 2001 following a second punishment hearing. The case was sent down for a new hearing because the state's psychologist testified that Mr. Blue was a future danger because he was black.

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laura lawhon said...

Barbaric. I think what society should fear most is the self-righteous ignorant. Sometimes I wonder if THEY are the wolves in sheep's clothing we've been warned about.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I worked on Carl Blue's case when I worked for the Brazos County District Attorney's Office in college.

Carl Blue walked almost ten miles to stand outside of her apartment and douse his victims with gasoline. He later said it was just a practical joke that got out of hand.

Carmen Richards lived for several days with her eyelids burned off. She was in excruciating pain until she finally, mercifully, died. I was in charge of driving around Lawrence Williams, who survived the attack. His body was one complete burn scar and he was constantly itching from the scar tissue.

When Carl looked at a picture of Carmen Richards' injuries, he vomited on the witness stand.

Punishment testimony was a string of other victims of Carl's domestic violence, including one lady I recall who had Carl sneak into her house while she was taking her trash to the curb. He beat the living hell out of her. Multiple neighbors testified to how Carl terrorized their neighborhood with a gun.

I understand being opposed to the government having the death penalty on principle.

But I have a hard time feeling sorry for Carl Henry Blue.