Sunday, February 10, 2013

Give us this day our daily opiate

From the "ignorance must be bliss" files we have this bumper sticker found in my daughters' school parking lot that gives us the potent mix of guns, god and the GOP.

This idea that god is on our side because we are more righteous than anyone else is key to they way in which religion is used as an organizing tool by those in power. Forget that little commandment that tells us not to kill. That's just a technicality. 

The logic is flawed from the get-go. You say your god is a loving god. You say your god loves all of "the children." You tell us that your god is pro-life. Yet you believe that this god of yours would, and should, cast his blessings on the people carrying guns around and firing on other folks because of the color of their skin, or the clothes they're wearing or the religion they practice or whatever reason we're at war somewhere in the world.

Enjoy your opiate.

1 comment: said...

Dear Sir, You got balls! That much I can say. I'm a bit familiar with the US culture and beliefs. One thing I know is that being against God and Gun in the States today won't make you the community's darling.
Up until Bush (the son)I used to love your country. Now I have troubles recognising the country that saw me (almost) coming of age.
Keep fighting for what you believe in even though, from my perspective, it's a lost cause.
From a very disgusted and cynical French PI.