Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Forced feeding = torture

Is it a form of torture to force feed a prisoner on hunger strike?

Let's forget for a second the question of whether it's torture to hold someone without charges thousands of miles from their own country for over a decade.

Rapper Yasiin Bey (formerly known as Mos Def) took part in a demonstration to show the world just what is involved in the forced feeding of a hunger striker. The doctors followed the procedures as set out in the military instructions that were leaked earlier this year.

The entire process takes about two hours but the demonstration only lasted about four minutes because of the pain and discomfort to Mr. Bey. While you watch, picture yourself or a loved one strapped into that chair.

Think about the pain and humiliation those being force fed must suffer over and over again.

What's going to happen as the Muslim world enters the month of Ramadan? Are we going to violate these prisoners' right to practice their own religion?

This is the reality of the War on Everything Terror. Our government has done everything it can to dehumanize those whom we don't like. Our conduct has been shameful and my only hope is that one day someone will have to answer for the crimes that have been committed in our name.

H/T The Guardian

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