Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Execution Watch: 4/9/2014

On Wednesday night, Texas is set to kill again...

RAMIRO HERNANDEZ. A native of the state of Tamaulipas in northern Mexico, Mr. Hernandez was convicted in the Oct. 15, 1997, beating death of a man in Kerrville. Appellate attorneys from the Cornell Death Penalty Project have argued that Hernandez, who literally grew up on a toxic waste dump, is mentally retarded and therefore ineligible for execution.

Last week Federal District Judge Vanessa Gilmore issued a ruling ordering the State of Texas to turn over details of how the state acquired new supplies of pentobarbital, including the name of the compounding pharmacy. The ruling temporary halted the scheduled executions of Tommy Sells and Ramiro Hernandez. After the 5th Circuit set Judge Gilmore's ruling aside - and after the US Supreme Court refused to get its hands dirty, the executions of both Mr. Sells and Mr. Hernandez were put back on the calendar.

We still don't know who produced the drug, how the state acquired it or whether its efficacy has ever been tested. But I guess that's just a bunch of 8th Amendment technicalities that we don't need to worry about.

Unless a stay is issued, we'll broadcast live:
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