Monday, April 21, 2014

He could a-been the champion of the world

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter was a feared middleweight. He was short and slight compared to his opponents but he was a beast in the ring. With his shaved head and all-out style he was a threat to win the world middleweight title. His one chance ended in a unanimous decision loss to Joey Giardello.

It would be his last shot at the title as he was wrongly convicted of a 1966 triple murder in a New Jersey bar. After being granted a new trial he was convicted a second time in 1976. But despite the outcome in the courtroom, neither Mr. Carter nor his supporters gave up their fight. In 1985 justice finally prevailed and Carter was freed from prison.

This past weekend, the Hurricane died after a bout with prostate cancer.

Rubin Carter lost 19 years of his life. He lost any chance he had at a another shot at the middleweight title. Carter's story isn't that of a criminal (in)justice system that eventually finds the truth - it's yet another tale of a criminal (in)justice system that exploits those who are poor and who have darker skin.

Rest in peace, Rubin. You are a champion.

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