Friday, February 13, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

This past Wednesday was Donuts with Daddy at my oldest daughter's school for the kids in pre-kindergarten and pre-school. The children made cardboard cut-out ties with fabric for their dads to wear. Earlier in the week the teacher asked each of the kids some questions about their fathers. Once we were all in the classroom eating our donuts, she called up each student and his/her father and read what the student said.

Some of the kids said their dads worked in an office, worked on the computer or worked for money. When the teacher asked my daughter what I did, my daughter told her that I was an attorney who helped get people out of jail.

At that moment, I felt very proud both of my daughter and what I do for a living.

As criminal defense attorneys we don't defend criminals. We defend the Bill of Rights. We defend the right of all of us to live our lives free from the oppressive arm of the government. But, we also help people. We help the families of those accused of criminal actions. People come to us with their hands outstretched because they have nowhere else to turn. They come to us at their moment of greatest vulnerability.


Paladin51 said...

I remember when my son was in the 1st or second grade he was asked to draw a picture about what his dad may be doing at that moment. My son drew a crude picture of me and guy behind bars at the jail and labled it "I think my dad is at the jail talking to clients." I have been very proud of that drawing ever since.

Paul B. Kennedy said...

Thanks for your comment.

My daughter always wants to know if I talked to the judge and whether the judge was a boy or a girl.

It's a nice way of keeping things in perspective.