Friday, February 20, 2009

Vampires in Williamson County

Here comes disturbing news that vampires have been spotted in Williamson County, Texas... On February 18, 2009, jailers in the Williamson County Jail got the go ahead to draw blood in felony DWI cases.

Three EMT jailers went through the four-week training to become licensed phlebotomists and are now qualified to take forcible blood draws from citizens at the jail's infirmary.

Up until February 18, citizens accused of driving while intoxicated were taken to area hospitals for forcible blood draws, but delays in the process frustrated the Williamson County District Attorney. The delays were caused by the hospitals' (selfish?) need to treat injured and sick people in the emergency room first.

Under Section 724.017(a) of the Texas Transportation Code, only physicians, qualified technicians, chemists, RN's or LVN's could draw evidential blood samples from citizens. Furthermore, the blood draw had to be made in a "sanitary" place.

So, since hospitals are teeming with qualified vampires and since hospitals, aside from the germs floating about from wards of sick patients, are considered quite sanitary, evidential blood draws in Texas were taken in hospitals.

In other words, the blood samples were drawn by disinterested persons in a neutral environment.

Now, in Williamson County, blood will be drawn by interested parties in questionable environs. Furthermore, the vampires will have received their training, not to help the sick and injured, but to further the aims of the police state.

Hmmm...sounds vaguely like technical supervisors.

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