Monday, January 11, 2010

Didn't they name a surgery after this guy?

Who is Thomas Jhon and why is he spamming on this blog?

These are a few of Mr. Jhon's spam comments (no back-links):

From Defense attorney turns snitch (Jan. 4, 2010)
"Common DUI defense attorney strategies are also examined. After reading this you will be comfortable in obtaining a dui defense lawyer for your current, future or your loved, DUI Defense Lawyer deal your panding pending legal case."
"An experienced DWI Criminal Defense Attorney can examine closely all aspects of a DWI charge, including errors that police may have committed, arrest procedures, use of intimidation and other details that may otherwise be overlooked. Find More Criminal Defense Attorney."
From Today the interlock, tomorrow ... (Jan. 2, 2010) and DWI is big business (Dec. 30, 2009)
"A Tax Attorney to make it simpler, easier and faster. It is not just time, labor and patience that is required substantially for the settlement of tax returns, the area where the worst impact is felt will be your pocket. The Tax Attorney appoints attorneys to keep on persuading tax payers and pay them hefty fees as per their capabilities of being persuasive."
I still have no clue what the hell that's supposed to mean.

From Taxi, dammit! (Dec. 29, 2009)
"Texas DWI attorney also looks into cases regarding drunken driving or for driving under the influence of a substance which is intoxicating. The attorney assists their client in preventing their license from being revoked or suspended, and represents their client at the hearing. Tax Attorney could also call for an acquittal of the case or a dismissal."
Now there's something I didn't know. If you want a DWI case dismissed, just go to a tax attorney. Now why didn't I think of that?

When I typed "Thomas Jhon" into Google I pulled up some articles he wrote that link back to (sorry, but no back-links today). According to the webpage, is a "One Stop Platform for all Sorts of Legal Information." And here's what they have to say about themselves:
Welcome to - The most comprehensive resource for legal information. It is quite obvious why one should learn about the laws regarding the specific legal issues he/she is facing. Whether your problem is related to taxes, real estate, personal injuries, accidents, family issues, divorce, DWI, crime, business, or bankruptcy, you will be glad to find easy top understand legal information at a single platform on this website.
If you need a good DWI attorney, is there for you, too:

A stitch in time saves nine. Caught driving under the influence of alcohol is considered to be a very serious offence with very complex criminal charges. Therefore it is of supreme importance that you choose a DUI defense lawyer to defend you with complete professionalism.

If you have been charged under DUI, your immediate first step should be to get in touch with an attorney who is specialized in exclusively handling such cases. The web is one such means where you can look for a professional online DUI lawyer. Other sources of locating a specialized attorney can be your friends, relatives or maybe even your family lawyer. The Yellow Pages are another good source to locate an experienced DUI attorney, or go through an exhaustive law directory in any library. Remember not to get carried away by flashy ads.

Driving under the influence of alcohol is lethally risky. If you have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) higher than 0.10, then you are seven times more at risk of getting involved in a fatal road accident, as compared to a person who has not taken any type of alcoholic beverage. In the US, the law states that any person who is found with a BAC greater than 0.08 is considered to be guilty of infringing driving rules, and can thus be convicted under DUI. Punishment is quite severe ranging from penalties to even imprisonment; and this is why you require a good DUI defense lawyer who is well versed with legal connotations to help you. Expert DUI lawyers will successfully find a way out so that the court as well as the DMV system turns favorable towards you.

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