Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A reprieve for Judge Killer

The special master appointed to hear the State Commission on Judicial Conduct's charges against Judge Sharon Keller of the Court of Criminal Appeals has found that the judge's conduct "[did] not warrant removal from office or further reprimand beyond the public humiliation she has surely suffered."

Of course, while Judge Keller may have suffered public humiliation, at least she is still alive to feel the brunt of it. Michael Richard is dead due, in part, to her actions.

Judge David Berchelmann, Jr., of San Antonio, found that Judge Keller's actions on the day of Mr. Richard's execution did not preven his attorneys, the Texas Defender Service, from filing the necessary documents as there were other avenues for filing available. Judge Berchelmann said TDS bore most of the responsibility for the events of the day.

Judge Berchelmann's findings will now go to the Commission who will decide whether to dismiss the complaint, reprimand Judge Keller or ask the Texas Supreme Court to remove her from office.

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