Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pass the potted meat, please

Who is Thomas Greenburg and why is someone posting spam comments on my blog about him?

On a recent post about the problems of eyewitness identification, I received the following comment from someone named Nick:
It helps that what used to be called “absentee” ballots are now available to any voter, and that the Fuller Brush-esque efforts of motivated get-out-the-vote registrations this year included conveniently pre-marked for Republican ballot samples (so that Grandma on the respirator can vote, too). San mateo criminal defense attorney
If you're going to spam, you should probably do it with a somewhat relevant comment. I have yet to figure out what Nick's comment has to do with eyewitness identification. And I wonder if Mr. Greenburg knows anything about Nick's posting comments that link back to his website (sorry, no link love, Mr. Greenburg).

Mr. Greenburg's friend (pimp?) Nick has two blogs - one is a fascinating look at the world of designer sunglasses and the other is about India. The sunglass blog has all of two postings and Nick's India blog just leaves us hanging after the first posting.

There is a link on Nick's sunglass blog to the website for some Indian company called Xwebdesigner that features some terribly mangled language -- just the folks I want designing my website.

Mr. Greenburg himself decided to start up a blog but gave it up after two posts. I guess the creative energy it takes to keep a blog going was a bit too much for him.

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