Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Stragglers to the cause

Now it would appear that we've reached the tipping point in airport security procedures. My question, however, is where were Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison and Rep. Ted Poe when President Bush created the TSA with the mission of tightening up airport security?

Full body scans and gropes pat-downs? That's where we finally draw the line? How about the other assaults on our civil liberties and privacy brought about in the PATRIOT Act? 

Is the concern really that security protocols in our nation's airport have become too invasive or is it because it's happening under the Obama administration? 
"The populace is giving up more rights in the name of alleged security." -- US Rep. Ted Poe (R-Texas)
If full body scans are that offensive to members of Congress, what about forced blood draws for a misdemeanor crime? What about judges who grease the skids for the vampires by signing pro forma warrant applications for blood draws without even speaking to the officers in person?

What about the mockery that is made of the Fifth Amendment by threatening to draw blood by force if a motorist exercises his right to refuse to blow into the state's breath test machine?
The [Obama]administration says that air travelers implicitly agree to any form of reasonable security screening when they enter the security lines at airports.
Sound familiar, anyone? That's the logic behind the implied consent doctrine in Texas. Of course I'm guessing that no one mentioned that at the time they took your picture and your money at the DPS driver's license office, either.

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