Friday, December 31, 2010

More vampire propaganda

Here's a clip of a story NBC ran on the Today Show about states implementing no refusal weekends. The story focused on Houston and Montgomery County.

Once again we have the spectacle of the federal government pressuring states to implement no refusal policies to combat the scourge of drunk driving. We are treated to the sight of an officer swearing to a search warrant application before a judge -- they don't show us officers faxing "sworn" statements to judges sitting at the fax machine in their homes. The story doesn't mention that the judges who blindly sign these warrants volunteer to do so -- where's the hue and cry for neutral and detached magistrates?

We also see a nurse on location at a police station preparing to draw blood from a motorist suspected of DWI. What about the requirement that the specimen be taken in a sterile location?

We're told that about half the motorists arrested for DWI in Texas refuse to blow into the state's breath test machine. We're told it's because they don't want to give the state any more evidence. We're told that's a bad thing.

Please explain to me how exercising a constitutional right is a bad thing? Young men and women are sent overseas for the alleged purpose of "fighting for democracy," yet our own government pressures local jurisdictions to trample on the constitutional rights of the citizenry.

Nowhere in this piece do we hear about the motorist wrongly arrested for drunk driving who had to undergo a forced blood draw and the stress of fighting a case. Nowhere do we hear about the times officers made mistakes and arrested someone who wasn't intoxicated.

Have a safe and happy New Year's celebration and remember that the best way to avoid being arrested for driving while intoxicated this weekend is not to drive if you've been drinking.

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