Thursday, February 16, 2012

Trying to keep your story straight

It can be so damned hard to get those stories straight sometimes. Fudging a little bit here, leaving out something over there and then having to remember all that when asked to recount what happened.
I didn't know about any investigation of the grand jurors. 
I authorized an investigation of the grand jurors. 
Actually it was just a quick internet search [on county computers]. 
Should there be an investigation [by the Texas Rangers] we will cooperate. 
I asked the Texas Rangers to look into the allegations myself.
Okay, Ms. Lykos, which is it?

First you claimed that you knew nothing about any investigation into the backgrounds of the grand jurors investigating your office in the BATmobile mess. Then, after being exposed, you claim that it was just a cursory search of social media sites.

Then, after a scathing letter from the grand jury aimed at your office, we find out the Texas Rangers were nosing around 1201 Franklin asking questions. Three days later you claimed to have called in the Rangers to look into the allegations against you. And now the Rangers are seizing computers and copies of interviews you gave regarding the investigation.

Ms. Lykos would have been better served by just letting the office take its lumps for any Brady violations committed regarding evidence of the unreliability of the breath test machines in the BATmobiles. Sure, you might have had to dismiss a few DWI cases here and there - but then it would be over. The whole matter would be forgotten by the time the primary election rolled around.

But no, that just wouldn't do. You had to try to cover it all up. Then, when the grand jury decided to look into your office you threw up the shield. You asked your investigator to look into the backgrounds of the members of the grand jury (and the judge and her husband). Now the Rangers are looking into exactly what went on and who did what. Definitely not good times.

Once upon a time there was a president who got caught with his hand in the cookie jar when some burglars were caught in the headquarters of the opposition party. Instead of just 'fessing up and taking the heat up front he decided to try to cover it all up. He erased tapes. He tried to intimidate others. In the end he became the first sitting president to step down during his term.

Nixon wasn't disgraced because of his role in the break-in; he was disgraced because of his attempt to cover up his involvement in the matter.

With two grand jury investigations and now the Texas Rangers snooping around the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup aren't looking too good for Ms. Lykos.

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