Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday morning roundup

Life is getting harder for troubled Galveston County District Clerk Jason Murray after his latest arrests for DWI and threatening to kill his wife. I'm not here to pass judgment on Mr. Murray but I think it's time he stepped down from his job as District Clerk so that he can address the demons with which he's been dealing. This man's life is spiraling out of control and the last thing he needs is the weight of elective office on his shoulders.

Public officials are walking on needles down in Galveston County after Commissioner's Court approved District Attorney Jack Roady's request for funds to hire a special prosecutor and investigator this week. No word on who the target of Mr. Roady's affections is but my guess is that it's someone at the courthouse.

If you're sitting around staring at your State Bar of Texas ballot trying to figure out who to vote for, might I (and Murray Newman) suggest Kimberly Samman? For far too long the State Bar has been the purview of the white shoe firms, Ms. Samman is a criminal defense attorney and she understands how criminal defense attorneys and solo practitioners operate.

And finally, God bless rain delays.

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Murray Newman said...

I'm framing this post because we finally agreed on something!