Monday, April 2, 2012

This (not so) old courthouse: Fort Bend County edition

This is the new Fort Bend County Courthouse. While there's nothing special about the outside appearance of the building (other than the fact it looks like a high school), it's the inside of the courthouse that's spectacular. The courtrooms are loaded with the latest shiny gadgets and appointments.

But, for all the exterior's generic qualities, it's still a damn sight better than the old William Travis building which was built in the 70's Government-style (otherwise known as "we don't give a shit what it looks like, it's just a damn building").

But nowhere near as nice a sight as the old courthouse. Built in 1909 in the Classical Revival style, the old courthouse is a study in elegance. While nowhere near as functional as it needed to be, it still had charm and grace.

Just ask Mirabeau Lamar, he'll set you straight.

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