Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday morning roundup

Leave it to Bud Selig to fuck everything up. On Friday night the Astros wore their Colt .45 uniforms for the last time this season and handed out replicas to the fans at the ballpark. Only problem is the replicas were missing the revolver thanks to Bud's idiotic directive earlier this year that the Astros couldn't put the gun on their jerseys (historical accuracy be damned). Unfortunately the Astros had to order the replicas months in advance (so they say) and had to have them made sans revolvers.

Congress is looking into just what was going on in Cartagena, Colombia with Secret Service agents, Marines and prostitutes. It's one of those stories that just seems to get worse the more people talk. The lesson, as always, honor your agreement with the escort.

India is, by some accounts, the third largest economy on the planet. Unfortunately the spoils of that economy have not fallen equally to the citizenry. A large portion of the Indian population still lives in abject poverty. So, when the Indian government had the choice of spending $500 million to upgrade its infrastructure, improve education and reduce poverty or to build a rocket capable of carrying a nuclear warhead 3000 miles, what do you think it chose. That's right, screw the people!

Ted Nugent has a bad case of the runs every time he opens his mouth.

Maybe the gunmen were from the Rooster Liberation Front.

And, finally, it sounds like something straight out of Mythbusters - the US Forest Service is finalizing plans to blow up a handful of cows that froze to death in the Colorado mountains.

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