Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Another false alarm

I'm opposed to the death penalty. It serves no useful function and is but a reminder of how barbaric we were in the past.

I have been running updates from Execution Watch on this blog because I think it's important that people know what their government is doing under cover of dark. You won't find much in the mainstream media about upcoming executions - only a blurb or a short story reminding us just what a bad fellow the prisoner was after he's dead.

Yet once again Execution Watch has failed to keep its data base updated. Yesterday I posted an update on John Quintanilla who was set to be killed by the state tonight. Yesterday afternoon I searched the web to see if anything had changed. 

It had.

Mr. Quintanilla's execution had been rescheduled for July 16, 2013 long before Monday's post ran. Miraculously the Execution Watch website now lists the correct date for the execution.

Once again I apologize for the misinformation. I need to figure out a better way to put out the information in the future.

Tomorrow's scheduled execution of Jeffrey D. Williams is still on.

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