Monday, May 27, 2013

Corrupting the memory of lost lives

Memorial Day is the day we remember those who died in uniform. I'm not going the "died serving our country" route because I can't think of any of our wars of aggression and/or occupation after World War II that were for the benefit of the American people. My dad's uncle died a needless death in a war halfway around the world that had no purpose. Thousands of young men have been sent to their deaths over the years because of politicians sitting in Washington.

Memorial Day isn't about glorifying the death and destruction machine. It isn't about waving flags and thanking soldiers for occupying other countries.

Yesterday in Charlotte, North Carolina, the NASCAR boys raced in a circle for 600 miles late into the night while organizers drew up a huge pro-war party. What can you say when their idea of remembering the dead is to cart out Oliver North?

Baseball is getting in on the pro-war propaganda, too. Teams today will be wearing uniforms with digital camouflage as a way of honoring the troops. First, Memorial Day isn't about "honoring the troops." Second, did anyone bother to ask the foreign players what they thought of dressing up to celebrate the American warmaking machine? The players from Central America are all from countries where untold thousands of people were murdered by repressive right-wing dictatorships funded and trained by the United States.

And then there are the churches, one of which (in my neighborhood) decided to honor the military during a service yesterday. I'm just guessing that no one cared about that little commandment that says it's a sin to kill another person. Considering the way in which religion is used to brainwash the masses and to dissuade folks from challenging the ruling classes, I can't say that I'm surprised.

As for me? I'll have my American flag flying outside in remembrance of those young lives snuffed out by an older generation that couldn't find a better way to work out their differences with one another.


Anonymous said...

Today is the day we honor all of those with the courage to violently defend the freedoms the rest of us have accepted with such ease.

Paul B. Kennedy said...

Nope. It is a day to remember those who died in uniform. That's it.

But, since you opened the door, do tell me what freedoms were at stake in the wars of aggression in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Panama? What about Central America? And let's not forget about other conflicts around the globe that the US has fought to defend repressive dictatorships.

Young people are sent out to risk their lives to serve the interests of the ruling class and their lackeys in Washington. That's a crime for which no one ever pays.

Cleverly Disguised said...

I am in complete agreement and sympathy with your position...As a veteran who served in the debacle in Southeast Asia in the '60s I have felt obligated to honor the fallen but do not support the insanity that is war.. Keep up the truth telling.