Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Execution Watch: 5/7/2013

The Texas killing machine is back up and running...


CARROLL JOE PARR.  Mr. Parr grew up in poverty so extreme, he was often given baked dirt to eat. His sister once tried to kill him. Texas plans to execute Mr. Parr for the shooting death of a man in a drug deal outside a North Waco convenience store in 2003. Mr. Parr and his fall partner, Earl Whiteside, were accused of approaching two men sitting in a car, forcing them to the side of the building and robbing and shooting them. One victim survived. Mr. Whiteside testified against Mr. Parr and received a 15-year sentence on a plea to aggravated robbery. Mr. Parr's would be the 497th Texas execution in the modern death penalty era.

For more information on Mr. Parr, click here.

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