Thursday, October 16, 2008

Some quick hits for a Thursday afternoon

Houston's own Katherine Scardino posted this entry on Women in Crime Ink regarding a confession actually being tossed out by a Federal Appellate Court.

Dallas County is hoping that humiliation will persuade people to pay overdue fines and fees from Class C misdemeanor cases.  Here's Grits' take...

Congratulations to Danalynn Recer of the Gulf Region Advocacy Center (GRACE) who was named by the Houston Press as the Best Criminal Defense Attorney in their annual Best of Houston issue.

In an earlier posting I told you why you shouldn't tell an officer how much you've had to drink, now, courtesy of New Hampshire DWI attorney Mark Stevens, here's something to think about if you've been taking prescription medications.

Finally, in you're confined to a wheelchair in Georgia you might think twice about that drink.

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Anonymous said...

I am disturbed about Troy Anthony Davis' case, especially since doubt has been created by the jurors that convicted him in the first place. The least that can be done is to grant this man a new trial.
As we know, many people that were convicted in the past had been found innocent. If this man is put to death and we find out later that he did not do it, would the prosecutor be put to death for murder of an innocent man?