Wednesday, June 3, 2009

And so it begins...

Today the US House of Representatives began the process of impeaching disgraced US District Court Judge, and convicted felon, Samuel Kent. Kent will continue to receive his federal salary of $174,000 a year plus health benefits unless he is impeached and removed from office by Congress.

A committee staffer indicated that it was likely the 12-member task force within the House Judiciary Committee would approve articles of impeachment next week with the House expected to indict by the Fourth of July. Should the House choose to indict, the Senate would conduct the trial. A two-thirds vote to convict from the Senate would remove Kent from office.

Kent sent a letter to the panel indicating that due to health concerns he would not be going to Washington.

Kent blamed his behavior on alcoholism, an unspecified personality flaw (lack of character, maybe?) and the death of his first wife. It's always ironic for a public official to refuse to accept responsiblity for his actions when that same person decries others for their refusal to do the same.

The Senate is expected to receive the case prior to their August recess.

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