Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Time running out for disgraced federal judge

Today a panel of the House Judiciary Committee voted 10-0 to refer four articles of impeachment against disgraced federal judge and convicted felon Samuel Kent to the full committee. The full committee is expected to refer the articles to the full House of Representatives before July 4.

Two of the panel’s charges accused Kent of conduct that was “incompatible with the trust and confidence placed in him as a judge” in connection with repeated predatory assaults on case manager Cathy McBroom, 50, and Donna Wilkerson, 45.

A third charge accused Kent of having “corruptly obstructed, influenced or impeded an official proceeding” looking into the allegations.

The fourth charge accused him of making “material false and misleading statements about the nature and extent of his nonconsensual sexual contact” with the two courtroom employees.

It took the panel 20 minutes to vote the articles to the full committee. Congress hopes to complete the impeachment process and convict Kent quickly to prevent him from collecting his salary and benefits while in prison.

The Senate is expected to try the case before its August recess.

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