Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tarrant County District Attorney may be removed from death row appeal

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office is facing the prospect of being removed from the death row appeal of Chelsea Richardson due to allegations of prosecutorial misconduct.

Ms. Richardson was convicted in 2005 of capital murder for the killing of her boyfriend's parents. (Her boyfriend and another man are currently serving life sentences for the murders.)

Allegations have arisen that Mike Parrish, the prosecutor who tried the case, withheld Brady material from Ms. Richardson's attorney and interfered with the attorney-client privilege by obtaining information from a member of Ms. Richardson's attorney's trial team.

Bob Ford, Ms. Richardson's appellate attorney, has alleged that Mr. Parrish failed to turn over a psychological report that was favorable to the defense.

This isn't the first time that Mr. Parrish, who has since left the Tarrant County D.A.'s Office, has been in hot water for alleged misconduct. Back in December the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals reversed the capital murder conviction of Michael Toney because Mr. Parrish failed to turn over at least 14 documents that contained exculpatory evidence. The Attorney General's Office is handling the retrial because the Tarrant County DA recused his office from the matter.

Visiting State District Judge Steven Herod of Eastlands County will notify the attorneys of his ruling later.


Cynthia Henley said...

I currently have a sex assault case that is set to start on Monday. At least 2 prosecutors have interviewed c/w. I am POSITIVE the girl can't tell her story the same twice - which conflicts are Brady (as the judge had to inform the last prosecutor - he argued with me when I said they were.) I have received nothing. Last sex assault case I tried they hid Brady. It is no better in Harris County, I'm afraid. They just have a better court of appeals.

Paul B. Kennedy said...

Thanks for your comment.

Up in Tarrant County they have a Court of Appeals, down here we have two Courts of Affirms.