Friday, June 19, 2009

Now for something (completely) different

Although this is a blog dealing with criminal justice issues, this article has nothing to do with criminal law. On Thursday I tried a divorce case up in Bellville in Austin County. My client is a civilian Department of Defense contractor stationed in Iraq. He felt his marriage was damaged beyond repair and he wanted out.

His wife wasn't so inclined and we were unable to negotiate any type of settlement and were left with no alternative but to try the case. My client's wife hired an attorney who practiced in and around Bellville.

I had a bit of trepidation and feared getting "home-towned" at trial, but my client would not budge on the issue of settlement.

To make a long story short, we didn't get the short end of the stick. My client was very happy with the judge's decision and we both walked out of the courthouse with smiles on our faces.

For me, after months of fighting rear-guard actions in criminal court, it was a wonderful feeling to come out on the winning end of a case. The drive back home didn't seem quite so long as it did on the way out earlier in the day. After feeling worn-out and tired all week long, it was as if I had received a massive jolt of energy Thursday afternoon.

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