Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another prosecutor leaves Lykos & Co.

So yet another prosecutor in the Harris County DA's Office is exiting 1201 Franklin and entering the world of private practice. The latest to depart is Carvana Hicks Cloud who, in a parting shot, told the Houston Chronicle's Lisa Falkenberg that the Lykos administration lacks diversity in the leadership roles.
[N]umbers provided by the DA's human resources department show 46 of the 300 prosecutors are minorities, about 15 percent. In February 2008, the Chronicle's Brian Rogers reported 44 of the 262 prosecutors were minority, or about 17 percent.

Ms. Cloud was transferred from the Public Integrity division to Intake shortly after Ms. Lykos took over the office. She claims the move was politically motivated as she was a public supporter of Ms. Lykos opponent in the general election, former HPD Chief C.O. Bradford (who presided over the mess at the HPD Crime Lab).

Of course politics was behind the transfer. One would have to be incredibly naive to think that a newly elected official wouldn't remember who came out publicly for her opponent. Had Bradford won the election, there would have been plenty of Lykos' supporters being moved around.

It's the nature of the beast, folks. If you want to do and say what you wish without consequence - go work for yourself.

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