Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One year and counting...

One year ago today the first post appeared on this blog. Instead of introducing myself and my purpose in creating this blog I wrote about the need for personal bonds for those arrested in Harris County.

Over the past year, and 364 posts, I have delved deeply into drunk driving defense, Harris County's new DWI "pre-trial diversion" program, trial tactics and the sad saga of Samuel Kent. I have offered you my opinion on constitutional issues such as the prohibition on unreasonable search and seizure, confrontation rights and the right to remain silent. I have also shared with y'all my love of baseball and poker.

I also have quite an active reading list (though I don't surf around as much as I would like to) that includes my colleague Mark Bennett's excellent Defending People. Mark is a scholar and a gentleman who is always willing to share his knowledge and insights with anyone willing to ask. I'm also a fan of Miami criminal defense attorney Brian Tannebaum's Criminal Defense Blog. I love the screen shot from To Kill a Mockingbird, Brian. Another must read is New York criminal defense attorney Scott Greenfield's Simple Justice. And I would be remiss if I didn't also mention Grits for Breakfast, Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, Cynthia Henley - Defender of the Accused, and the soon-to-be-back-from-hiatus Minority Report.

Now I guess it's time for a little bit about your author. I'm a 42 year-old (soon to be 43) criminal defense attorney in Houston, Texas. I am married to a very patient woman and we have two beautiful daughters. When not practicing law I run marathons and coach youth soccer. I'm a lover of the Constitution and a student of the Civil War. On the weekends you can find me outside with the grill. This is my fourth year in private practice and I can't imagine a better situation that being your own boss.

This past year has been a wonderful experience and I hope y'all have found it informative, interesting, humorous and irritating. I want to thank everyone who has read my blog or posted a comment. I may not agree with all the comments but I appreciate your spending a few minutes a day here.


Cyn said...

HBD to your blog (or congrats) & keep on posting. The public (& I) can learn much from your spots!

Houston DWI Attorney Paul B. Kennedy, said...

Thank you for your kind comments. The public can also learn a lot from reading your blog - especially your trial series articles.

Anonymous said...

You seem like a nice guy but billing yourself as a dwi attorney after only 4 years in practice seems a bit, well, disingenuous.

Not that guys like Mark Bennett have tried any more cases than you, but when I think of DWI lawyers I think of guys like Trichter.