Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Are you ready for some futbol?

Oh, once again our Saturdays are filling with rushing from field to field across the west side of Houston for soccer.

I love the sight of those fields as the sun rises on Saturday morning. It's quiet. It's peaceful. In just a couple of hours, however, chaos will reign as the wee weekend warriors take the pitch.

This season marks my fifth year coaching the little ones. I watched with great pride as my oldest daughter took the field in the afternoon. I coached her the first three years she played and it's amazing the player she has become. My little one has been dribbling a soccer ball since she was two and has mastered the drills we go over in practice.  But when it comes to game time she's a bit shy and scared at the prospect of a sideline full of parents watching the game.

I've told her just to focus on the ball, the other players and me and to ignore everything else around her. But I know for some that's easier said than done. She'll be there by the end of the season - I just know it.

For all of the headaches involved in organizing registration, placing kids on teams and dealing with parents upset about whose team their child is on, these next eight weeks are pure gold. All of the stress is worth it when you look into the smiling face of a child happy to be wearing a uniform and chasing a ball around the pitch.

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