Monday, September 19, 2011

Welfare: Rick Perry-style

It would appear that our local leader of the limited government movement, Gov. Rick Perry, has a bit of 'splaining to do over the travel and security bills taxpayers have been asked to pick up.

At the same time Rick Perry and his minions slashed state spending on education, forcing local districts to lay off teachers, the fair-haired one has racked up over a quarter million dollars in travel expenses. We have paid for security for Perry and his family while on vacation in the Bahamas. We have paid for security for his wife's trips to Amsterdam, Madrid and New York - what official business the wife of the governor can have overseas is beyond me as the Constitution forbids states from entering into treaties with other countries.

We've also paid for security so that Rick Perry could promote his book in New York, California, Las Vegas and Washington. Excuse me, but wasn't that book written on the state's time? If we're paying for the promotional tour, shouldn't the state reap the revenue the book generates?

And how ironic is it that his book, Fed Up!, is an anti-Washington diatribe while Mr. Perry stumps the country begging for votes and greenbacks to become the next president?

There is not another candidate that can top Rick Perry for hypocrisy in the election preseason. First he suggests that Texas should secede from the United States -- then he announces he's running for the White House. Then, at the same time he's telling the citizens of Texas they must be prepared to make sacrifices, he orders the DPS to provide security for family vacations and trips having nothing to do with the running of the state.

Of the course the tea-baggers and wingnuts don't care. Intellectual consistency has never been a problem with either group. They will blindly raise the flag without a care as to what's going on behind the curtain.

Hey, if at first you don't secede, try running for president.

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