Friday, September 23, 2011

What goes up, must come down

You just can't mess with those laws of physics.

Sometime tonight or in the early morning hours of tomorrow a satellite is going to fall to earth. Scientists believe it will fall somewhere between 57 degrees N and 57 degrees S of the equator -- encompassing most of the populated areas of earth. The debris path is likely to be about 500 miles long.

According to Aerospace Corp., the satellite will  crash to earth somewhere along either the blue or yellow lines. So, here's hoping it doesn't hit you.

This graph is a depiction of the amount of junk orbiting the earth. The exponential growth in space junk over the past 10 years is astounding. Not only have we turned the earth into a giant landfill - we are rapidly turning the space around earth into a giant junkyard.

Now go and enjoy a little Blood Sweat &Tears:

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