Thursday, December 8, 2011

A couple of questions for Mike Anderson, please

Okay, Murray, I took a look at Mike Anderson's website. I had to because I had a couple of questions for the prospective District Attorney that I thought needed answering, so I e-mailed him:
Mr. Anderson,
 I understand that you are opposed to the current DA’s policy of not prosecuting “trace” possession cases. If you were going to pursue those cases, how would your office handle the problem of having enough of a sample for defense attorneys to have re-tested?
 Additionally, if these cases are to be prosecuted, where would you find the beds and the money to house the additional inmates? 
 Furthermore, as the “War on Drugs” has largely been a failure, how will locking someone up help that person to get over their drug addiction? 
 I will be more than happy to run your answers in my blog, The Defense Rests, unedited. I look forward to your response.
It's easy to offer criticism of another's approach to any problem, it's much harder to formulate a proposed solution. I would like to hear Mr. Anderson's ideas on how to handle residue cases. I would like to hear that he's thought beyond the knee-jerk "lock 'em all up!" approach.

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