Friday, May 11, 2012

A convenient leak

Bad economic news.

Race for Republican nomination down to one.

Growing discontent over the security state.

Must be time for another terrorist plot to be uncovered and leaked to the media.

Oh, but am I being too cynical about the timing of this story about how a plot was uncovered to use an advanced underwear bomb to blow up an airliner? A bomb that could not be detected at an airport security check. According to American intelligence sources there was never any danger of the bomb being used on a plane. The would-be bomber was a Saudi double agent who had infiltrated al Qaeda.

So let's get this straight. TSA has effectively made airports a 4th Amendment-free zone. Would-be passengers are forced to choose between a full-body scan that may or may not expose folks to potentially dangerous levels of radiation or a friendly pat-down from the government's own hired pervert. And yet, despite these measures that have seen Americans acting like lemmings, a person could have walked right onto the plane with Underwear Bomb 2.0?

The story was leaked to convince Americans that we must continue to cede our privacy and our liberty to agents of the state for our own protection. The story was leaked to convince Americans that the war on everything terror is being won. The story was leaked to convince Americans how important it is to have the TSA intruding upon our private lives. The story was leaked to convince Americans that it's more important to trade our freedom for security than it is to provide jobs for the unemployed.

All of the security measures at the airports are fighting yesterday's attack. Unless we're going to have people traveling naked, there will never be a way to make the airlines perfectly safe. We can sacrifice all the freedom in the world but it will never buy us complete security.

And who is left to question any of this? The mainstream media is too busy falling over itself to sell the government's story. There are no critical voices left except for those deemed on the fringe. Our liberty is being taken away piece by piece and no one questions the actions of the state. The media, who used to be our watchdog, is now a lapdog controlled by corporate interests who are more interested in jacking up advertising rates than in acting as a check on the power of the state.

We get what we deserve.

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