Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Update: Court issues stay of execution

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed the execution of Steven Staley upon a motion from his attorneys arguing that the State of Texas was violating Mr. Staley's constitutional rights by forcibly medicating him so that he would be considered mentally competent to execute.

The state, on the other hand, argues that, due to Mr. Staley's severe mental illness, that it is in Mr. Staley's best interest to be forcibly medicated. Of course being executed could hardly be said to be in his best interest - but I'm certain that's just an oversight by prosecutors.

As usual, the state argues that there is this overarching need for "closure" in the case and that the only way to obtain this closure is to forcibly medicate Mr. Staley and then stick a needle in his arm and poison him.

Contrary to claims by Tarrant County prosecutors, killing Mr. Staley won't bring closure to anyone - the family of the victim will still be without their loved one. Killing Mr. Staley won't bring anyone back and it won't help anyone get over their loss.

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