Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Neutral and detached? Whatever

Sign belonging to Judge Bill Harmon sitting just outside the courtroom in the entrance way from chambers.

If you examine the photo of the sign you will see there's no cite for the assertion made. Like much of the state's literature on drunk driving, there is a lack of authorities cited for the propositions made.

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Brad Walters said...

Looks like litter to me. Did you do your good deed and place it in the proper receptacle? If the sign is true maybe it supports the fact that DWI is not as dangerous as it is claimed to be at least at the per se BAC set by the state to get federal hwy funds. Try running a red light 87 times before getting caught or T boning someone. The disparate reaction by the state regarding red light running and lower BAC DWI is not justified. One is a mere traffic violation the other is treated as a though he is a morally deficient criminal of the lowest order. Explain that distinction to the victims of a red light runner. Politics of bad policy. .10 BAC and below should be treated just like a public intoxication charge...a class C misdemeanor with no more consequences for driving privileges than speeding or running lights. Mimi Coffey has cited some interesting stats that show the rates for sober and alcohol related crashes does not differ significantly until BACs exceed .14. We need to stop demonizing people who drink moderately and drive safely.