Monday, August 5, 2013

Still more trouble for Galveston judge

Disgraced Galveston County jurist Christoper Dupuy truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

Facing contempt charges for violating the visiting judge Robert Kern's gag order, Mr. Dupuy won a reprieve from the 1st Court of Appeals the day before the hearing was set to commence.

His victory, however, was short-lived as Mr. Dupuy was indicted and jailed on two counts of aggravated perjury. For those keeping score at home, Mr. Dupuy is now facing four felony and seven misdemeanor charges.

Now that blood is in the water, candidates for the Republican nomination for County Court No. 3 are popping up like fire ant mounds after a hard rain. But where were these fine lawyers when Mr. Dupuy was creating his circus on the second floor of the courthouse? Did any of them speak up about what was happening? Or did they all shuffle in and out of the courtroom like dutiful little servants not willing to stir the pot?

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