Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sitting at the bar at Gringo's

All the way down to League City I knew I was going to get a tongue-lashing from the judge at municipal court. It was 10:15 before I was able to leave the Harris County (In)justice Center for a 9:00 am docket call in League City.

The judge accused me of wasting the court's time and said I should've spoken to the prosecutor beforehand. I told the judge that I had contacted the court the day after I was hired to inform them of a felony matter in Harris County set at the same time. I also told her I spoke to the city prosecutor that same day about a continuance and that he was unopposed. I pointed out that I had filed an unopposed motion for continuance that the court refused to consider because it was filed less than 15 days prior to trial. I told the judge I had called the court the day before to inquire about my motion. After being told it hadn't been signed, I reminded the clerk of my conflict. Finally, I pointed out that I spoke to the clerk at 9:15 this morning and told her I would be late.

So what did the judge do? She reset the case - just as I had asked the court to do last week. My client was dumbfounded - she had to skip a seminar to waste her time in court this morning.

The cheese enchiladas at Gringo's are pretty good, though.

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Andrew said...

Hello! I happened in League City. Interesting city.