Thursday, July 7, 2011

Damn the public, full steam ahead!

So much for the will of the voters. Mayor Annise Parker has announced that the red light cameras are being turned back on.

Of course the mayor is wringing her hands because the public made its opinion of the cameras known and she certainly doesn't want to upset the very people she'll be asking to re-elect her in November. She seems quite upset about having to turn the cameras back on and she was very happy to let us know that the city is asking the court for permission to appeal its ruling on the legality of the referendum.

And we all know the city had nothing at all to do with ATS' claim that the referendum was not authorized by law. We know the city attorney would never have lain in bed with ATS to figure out a way to get around the vote.

This is nothing but a farce. They city never wanted to turn the cameras off in the first place. The entire federal lawsuit with ATS was nothing but a sham from the beginning. The legality of the referendum had nothing to do with whether the city was in breach of its contract.

Mayor Parker and her buddy, David Feldman, orchestrated this charade in order to defy the voters and still say the matter was out of their hands.

Let's just hope that in November voters in Houston are more concerned about what a candidate will do in office than with how many boxes he or she can check off on a census form.

Houston Motion to Certify Permissive Interlocutory Appeal

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