Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Called out? By whom?

The level of debate in our society continues to rise every passing day. Some unnamed person sent the following message to me via the e-mail link on my website. I apologize for the vulgar language used by our scholar -- but I think it proves my point.

name = Judge Dread
email = dick@yourwifesmouth.com
phone = 555-555-5555
comments = Paul Bunyon Kennedy I am Calling YOU OUT....JACKA$$!! You look like you are still wet behind the ears. Now you are Sniveling like a little brat. Guess you didn't get the memo carrot-top. Mark Bennett From http://www.bennettandbennett.com/blog/ was the individual that did that to make himself feel special while picking on someone that can't defend themselves. So I made a special blog for all you idiots that jumped on his cock to what gain? http://fresnocriminallawyer.benninghofflaw.com/ has the truth behind scummy lawyers like bennett. DOn't be a pu$$y paul and take it like a man. You have two choices at this point Paul. Take down all posts that are attacking lawyers and I go away forever or Don't and You experience first had what it feels like to be on the other end. So Paul....."I'm calling you out, Paul Kennedy".....Can you afford to play? Stupid A$$

As I have said before, cowards make anonymous attacks. I don't hide behind a cloak of anonymity when I post blog updates. I don't make anonymous comments on other blogs. I certainly don't make anonymous threats.

I suspect I know who is behind it. But, much like the cockroaches that scurry in the light, I'm sure he won't show his face.


Thomas Hobbes said...

I'm not sure, but I don't think he/she/it is gonna be inviting you over for dinner this week . . .

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that fall under internet harrassmen, that new TX law. They're prosecuting a 16 y.o. in SA area for this new crime.

judge dread said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Rachelle said...

Considering judge dread's lack of familiarity with the the use of grammer and spelling, combined with his inability to do anything but name call and use profanity, I can't see anyone taking him seriously.

Have a great day Paul!

monkey-face-lawyer-mark-bennett said...

Good Little Boy. Now Sit there and keep your mouth shut like you were told to do.

And Brainy smart female lawyer above me.....You should know I may not got good englush but, I know how to use this computer better than anyone you know. I had to over compensate for my small penis and became notorious 12 years ago. Now I am gonna help my boy bennett learn what that is all about.