Friday, October 30, 2009

Do as I say, not as I do


It appears that the City of Houston is using a defense to toll tickets issued by the Harris County Toll Road Authority that doesn't fly for drivers who receive red light camera tickets.

Apparently the city owes the toll road authority $13,851 in unpaid tolls, fines and collection fees for 552 citations issued to 122 different city-owned vehicles. No wonder the county put the kibosh on the city's request to withhold automobile registrations for red light camera scofflaws.

Both the county and the city issue citations to the registered owner of the vehicle in question; for this reason the matters are strictly civil and are not included on a person's driving record. An employee of the city's finance department sent an e-mail to the Harris County Attorney's Office stating that the citations did not include photographs of the drivers of the city-owned cars and that the citations are the responsibility of the individual drivers and not the city.


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