Friday, October 16, 2009

This is the best that Perry can do?

The headline screams that Cameron Willingham confessed to setting the fire that killed his children and led to his murder at the hands of the State of Texas. However, upon closer inspection, this "confession" dissipates in the air as you look into it.

It turns out that the affiant is the brother of Mr. Willingham's former wife. According to Ronnie Kuykendall, his sister, Cameron Willingham's ex-wife, cried as she told him that Mr. Willingham confessed to setting the fire.

So, the best the well-coiffed governor's minions can come up with to justify his refusal to halt the murder of Mr. Willingham is an affidavit containing hearsay within hearsay. Torpedoing the forensic committee's investigation into the junk science propounded by arson investigators and releasing worthless affidavits - how's that for a campaign slogan?

I guess it beats "I killed an innocent man -- Vote for me!"

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Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong. "I killed an innocent man -- vote for me" would work in Texas, at least for a goodly portion of the 39% that voted for him last time. But he would probably need to add "monster" or "bad man" to the slogan, to garner the six-year-old vote.