Saturday, July 14, 2012

Scopin' and gropin' in the Windy City

The Transportation Safety Administration is continuing its assault on innocent travelers - this time at Union Station in Chicago. Courtesy of @JNReports, this is video taken at Union Station on July 5, 2012 of TSA agents setting up what looks to be a checkpoint in the station.

We've dealt with the appearance of TSA VIPR teams in Houston. The way to confront the government's continuing attempts to erode your right to be left alone is to shine a bright light on them. As long as we raise a stink any time TSA tries to get itself involved in local law enforcement, the efforts will fail.

But, should we look away and allow it to happen in one location, before you know it, TSA will be everywhere subjecting everyone to the assault on privacy carried out at our nation's airports. Make no mistake about it, this is but another attempt to eviscerate what remains of the Fourth Amendment.

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