Thursday, July 26, 2012

We'll go far to screw you

Oh the fun of dealing with thieves and crooks. Not at the courthouse, mind you. Nope, once again we're talking about Wells Fargo.

I wrote earlier this month about Wells Fargo cashing a check from my law firm and holding it for their private use for almost two weeks and then charging our personal account NSF fees for their little dirty deed.

Today my wife called me from the bank. She was on the phone with a representative from Visa which offers credit and debit cards through Wells Fargo. It turns out that since Wells Fargo decided to convert my funds to their personal use overdraft fees were being charged to a credit card account tied to the checking account.

The representative from Visa proclaimed that there was nothing she could do to reverse out the charges because we hadn't opted out of overdraft protection earlier in the year.

And isn't that the mantra these days in customer (dis)service - I'm sorry, there's just nothing I can do?

Well there is something that can be done. If Visa can't, or won't, reverse out the charges, then Wells Fargo can eat the overdraft protection fees since they are a direct outcome of Wells Fargo's conversion of our funds. The bank can then apologize to my wife for the hassle she's been through as a result of their chicanery.

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