Saturday, July 28, 2012

This old courthouse: Chicken ranch edition

Back in May my wife and I took a trip out toward the Hill Country. One of our stops was in La Grange - home of the infamous Chicken Ranch. It's also home to the beautifully restored Fayette County Courthouse.

Construction on the courthouse, built in the Romanesque Revival style, was completed in 1891. The building was renovated to its former glory in 2003-2005.

If the interior looks familiar, it's because James Reiley Gordon, the architect that designed it, also designed the beautiful Victoria County Courthouse we looked at a few weeks ago.

And, should you get hungry while you're at the courthouse, head across South Main to Bistro 108 for some unbelievably good food.

Here's a shot of the obelisk out front and the 100 foot tall clock tower.

Here's a closer look at the facade. I love the use of different stones around the arch.

 They don't make courtrooms like this anymore.

 This is a shot of the balcony overlooking the courtroom (not the best picture I've ever taken).

This is a shot of the gallery in the darkened courtroom.

Looking up through the glass roof above the atrium.

And who's that dashing gentleman standing in front of the atrium fountain?

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