Friday, July 2, 2010

The Declaration of Independence comes alive

Yesterday in front of the Harris County Criminal (In)justice Center an intrepid band of raconteurs known as the Harris County Criminal Lawyer's Association regaled an audience that included state district judges the Hon. Shawna Reagin and the Hon. Kevin Fine, with a reading of the Declaration of Independence.

HCCLA President Nicole DeBorde reads from the Declaration of Independence.

Former HCCLA President and monkey-wrench throwing Czar Robb Fickman came up with the idea (maybe after a long night at the Char Bar) to being a new tradition to remind people why we celebrate the Fourth of July. While we're at the beach or cooking out, watching a baseball game or fireworks, most of us have completely lost sight of the significance of what took place in Philadelphia back in 1776 when delegates from the colonies risked their lives by signing their names to the most revolutionary of documents.

This was driven home when a man asked me where he could get a copy of what we were reading. He seemed shocked when I told him it was the Declaration of Independence.

Thank you, Robb, for reminding us why we celebrate the Fourth.

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