Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Execution Watch: 1/21/2015

On Wednesday night, the State of Texas will kill for the first time in 2015...

ARNOLD PRIETO. Convicted in the murder of three people, including his co-defendants' great-aunt and great-uncle, in a 1993 home robbery in San Antonio. Before Mr. Prieto's conviction, prosecutors offered him two 30-year terms in exchange for his testimony against a co-defendant. He declined.

For more background on Mr. Prieto's case, click here.


Unless a stay is issued, we'll broadcast live:
Wednesday, January 21, 6-7 PM Central Time
KPFT-FM Houston 90.1, HD 3 or online at:

http://executionwatch.org > Listen

Since KPFT is in the middle of fund drive I believe the broadcast will only be available online or via HD radio.


Unknown said...

So I went to the linked page and read the 'History and Facts from Jim Skelton' bit. Have you done the same?

If not death, what do you feel is a fair and appropriate punishment? Or, put another way, what value do you place on the lives of his victims?

Lee said...

Weald the cage shut. He will die on his own time.

Paul B. Kennedy said...

Mr. Edge,

I am aware of the facts of the case and the heinous nature of the crime. That, however, does not justify the state-sponsored killing of Mr. Prieto. Killing him will not bring anyone back to life. Killing him will not fill the void in anyone's life. It has no place in our justice system.

Unknown said...

The question is not whether his punishment will restore the harm he has done. Putting him in prison will not bring anyone back to life either, so should we forego that punishment as well?

My question goes to fairness. What does he deserve? How would the answer to that question change if his victims were someone you cared about?