Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Update: White execution stayed

Yesterday the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stayed tonight's scheduled murder of Garcia Glen White. Mr. White's attorney, Houston's own Pat McCann, refused to give up while the CCA continued to deny his motions to stay the execution and for leave to file writs of habeas corpus and suspension.

Finally, on Tuesday the Court granted Mr. White's fourth application for a writ of habeas corpus. The work of a capital litigator is never finished until the drugs start to flow into his client's veins. Mr. McCann kept fighting - even when it looked its bleakest - and, in the end, he won (at least a temporary) reprieve for his client.

As Bum Phillips would say, Mr. McCann knocked on that door a few times before he kicked the son of a bitch in.

If I were ever in a fight for my life, Paddy McCann is one of people I would want to be fighting with me.

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