Friday, January 6, 2012

Crisis? What crisis?

Yesterday my colleague Murray Newman serenaded us with word that there was a serious shortage of grand juries in Harris County because Pat Lykos and her minions dropped the ball.

Murray seemed quite concerned that someone the lack of indictments make cause the sun not to rise or cause solar flares or even cause the hole in the ozone layer to get bigger.

My response? So freaking what?

So the state's ability to infringe upon the freedom and liberty of its citizens is curtailed. So someone who might not otherwise qualify for bail in Harris County gets to spend some time with his family. What's the problem, Murray?

We're criminal defense attorneys. Our job is to defend the Constitution. Our job is to make it harder for the state to take away someone's freedom. It just so happens that Ms. Lykos may have done part of our job for us. Bully, I say.

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