Friday, January 27, 2012

Update: Let loose the killing machine

The State of Texas got back into the business of murdering people last night with the first state-sponsored killing of the year.

Rodrigo Hernandez, who was convicted of the 1994 murder of Susan Verstegen, was executed after the US Supreme Court denied his request for a stay on Thursday afternoon.

Mr. Hernandez wasn't a good guy. But his death doesn't undo what he did. His death doesn't bring back Ms. Verstegen. Her son will wake up tomorrow, but she will still be dead.

On  the other hand, the Supremes denied the state the opportunity to murder Donald Newbury on February 1. Mr. Newbury was one of seven men who escaped from prison and robbed a Dallas area store, where a police officer was killed. Mr. Newbury was sentenced to die, despite the fact he was not the murderer.

Texas is the only state that permits the execution of a person who only played a supporting role in a murder.

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