Saturday, January 14, 2012

Review: First Week In

Having a bad day? Things just not going well? Get into an argument with your spouse or significant other? Kids getting on your nerves? Just feeling bad about how life is treating you?

Have no fear. No matter how bad your day is, it can't possibly compare to the folks you'll meet on First Week In, the new reality show on Discovery.

First Week In follows three people through their last few minutes of freedom and into the world behind bars. For those who have never been in jail or known anyone who spent time in jail it's an eye-opener. For those of us who live in that world it's more a game of Name that Defendant.

The premier episode introduced us to a guy who was picked up, along with his "girlfriend" for pimping and pandering at a local hot sheet establishment. Let this be a lesson to anyone thinking about picking up a meth habit -- it's not a good idea. It makes you stupid.

Now he took advantage of the free room and board offered by Orange County and (at least tried to) wean himself off the drugs and his destructive relationship.

He was young, naive (bordering on stupid) and completely unaware of the world around him.

Our second guest was a man from Tulsa who was charged with assaulting his wife (I'm fairly sure alcohol was involved). He was bound and determined to get bonded out but found out, the hard way, that family friends aren't necessarily the ones who'll bond you out.

Up until he was served with the protective order he was having a hard time getting his head around the fact that his wife hadn't come to see him in jail. Methinks there was a little bit more to his story than he was letting on.

He was in a state of denial and panic. He's the guy who just shouldn't have been charged with anything because he really, really didn't do it.

Our third contestant was charged with kidnapping and rape. He didn't do it - at least that's what he keeps telling us. He learned a valuable lesson his first day in -- the same rules apply to everyone wearing the jumpsuit, whether you claim you're innocent or not.

He walked in with an attitude and thought he was smarter than the rest of the room. Of course the police got it wrong and no one's stories matched up and that's just not how it really happened.

So, if you're having a shitty day, punch up First Week In on the DVR and watch your life get better while you just sit there on the couch. I guarantee you'll feel better afterward.

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