Sunday, January 15, 2012

Update: Born to run

This year's Houston Marathon didn't quite go as planned. My day ended after just a  mile-and-a-half with a bum knee. I knew my knee was a bit sketchy beforehand but I had hoped to muddle my though 26.2 miles this morning and deal with the consequences later.

Unfortunately, the pain got to be too much going over the viaduct and once I stopped at the first water station there was no hope of getting back up to speed.

I did see some behind-the-scenes things at the race this morning that I've never had the opportunity to see before (and hope I never see again).

I'd like to thank the officer on Hardy just past the first water stop for his help. He called back to race control to let them know there was an injured runner who needed a ride back to the GRB. I never did get his name, but, thanks.

Thanks also to the crew in the "sag wagon" who took me back downtown. I had to wait until the entire field had passed before they picked me up so I saw crews cleaning up the water cups from the street and picking up discarded clothing.

On the way back we saw crews taking down the banners and gates around the various start lines.

I also want to send a special shout out to the medical crew at the GRB. It sucked having to abandon the race but they were all chipper and upbeat. Since it was so early they also weren't very busy so I was treated like royalty. I must have had at least two doctors a couple of aides and a few other support folks helping me out.

It certainly wasn't the way I had envisioned today going but, it certainly could have been worse. At least I'm physically able to run a marathon and I'm fortunate enough to live in a city that has a thriving running culture and the resources to put on a great race.

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