Saturday, February 25, 2012


For anyone who has spent any time traveling on US59 north of Houston, the name "Patton Village" evokes strong emotions. For those of y'all not familiar with the area, Patton Village is one of the most (in)famous speedtraps in this part of the state.

But for the city limits sign on the highway, you'd never know it was there. I have no idea what's in Patton Village - but I do know the local police patrol a stretch of 59 as if the future security of the Republic depended upon it.

Now it would seem that the worm has turned, so to speak.

Yesterday the mayor of Patton Village was arrested and six other city officials, including the court clerk and three police officers, were indicted in Montgomery County following an investigation by the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, the Texas Rangers, DEA, FBI, DPS and the Department of Agriculture(?).

The charges include abuse of official capacity, misuse of official information, misapplication of fiduciary property, securing execution of a document by deception and theft by public servant.

Yes, I know those folks are innocent unless proven guilty - but it's more than a bit hard to have any sympathy for people who have abused power to the degree they did up there.

Here's your salute to the political establishment of Patton Village, courtesy of Sammy Hagar...

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Unknown said...

What in the world did the Department of Agriculture investigate?